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I am in the progress of developing the game again and this time its going to be bigger and better and should actually be considered a game once i am done with it. 

Survive VR (wip) is a VR wave based game where you try and survive against an endless onslaught of creatures.

Note: I will be looking over the discussion board every few hours depending on the day and if there are any bugs / performance issues found i will most likely fix them straight away and upload the fix when its ready.


Use the vive and its tracking ability to move and look around.

Shoot and aim with the right controller.

To buy items press the weapon controller up against the item you want to buy and press the grip buttons when the item is outlined.

Reload by pressing the trackpad button on the weapon controller.

press the left controller up against UI elements to select them and press the left trigger to activate it.

The left controller has a WIP HUD that shows you information you might need to know.

Contact me on twitter or Facebook if you want to know more about the game or have feedback / want to report a bug.

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This game is a prototype that i worked on over a few days to learn about the HTC VIVE and is in no way complete that can and will change over the course of development.

Install instructions

Extract to any folder of your choice and run the games executable (Survive VR.exe)


survive-vr-win.zip 209 MB
Version 7 Dec 28, 2017

Development log