Overhaul in progress! Redoing entire game.

Hey guys today is the day that you have all be waiting for! A new version of the game.

But this is not just a new version it is a complete remake of the first version i uploaded over a year ago.

You cant actually die yet but thats coming in a hotfix mainly because i forgot to add it in.

Change log.

No longer confined to a roof. You now get to be in the middle of the battle with 360 degree fighting.

Added ammo drops to AI.

Better hitboxes and projectiles. Now all your shots will hit where you are shooting.

Better teleportation.

graphics enhancements to the environment.

Flash light on left hand.

Planned features.

More weapons.

More Creatures to fight (air units, boss fights, ect).

Multiple locations.

A better store implementation that in the older version.

tactical utilities (grenades, flashes, ect).

Melee system.

Weapon upgrades.

Interactive tutorial.

Better UI/UX

More power ups.

More immersive environments/sounds.

Intractable events.

Better combat system.


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Dec 25, 2017

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